Hej! I am Annie, you can also call me Aini :) I was born in Hawaii, raised in Taiwan and grew up in Hong Kong.
Years ago, I was very much into everything animation, storytelling and sounds. I have been working as a professional in house media designer, a freelance designer/director/project manager and co-founded an animation start-up in Hong Kong.

Wear many hats and soak into the entertainment industry for 5 years, I have learned that I wanted to do more than just animation and story. Being able to make a good cause for people with the power of design is what driven me to study interaction and industrial design. By solving meaningful problems with the piratical strategy, as well as combining with my storytelling skills.

My time studying Industrial Design Intensive in Umea Institute of Design in the beautiful north kingdom Umeå has taught me heavily on user research methods, team collaboration, awareness of sustainability, fast-pacing prototyping, usability test and most importantly the Nordic work-life balance attitude.