A mobile AR experience for the SIGGRAPH 2018

/ Challenges

ScavengeAR is an Mobile Augmented Reality Gaming Experience first created for the 2017 SIGGRAPH VR Village. It was developed by an International team of Volunteers and was deployed at SIGGRAPH 2017 in Los Angeles. The app is available for Android and Apple devices and can be played during the conference.

I joined the ScavengeAR team in 2018 as a Spatial & Motion Designer, working closely with talented Programmers, designer from Rooftop Animation and students from Indiana University.


/ Areas

AR Design
Spatial UI

/ Time

8 months

players scanning sigglets marker

players scanning sigglets marker

/ Gameplay

Players will scan special markers to summon hidden creatures called “Sigglets” to unlock badges and earn rewards, such as SIGGRAPH merchandise and other surprises! 

sigglets-1 360.gif
sigglets-2 360.gif

/ Design

With heavily Studio Ghibli influenced art direction, we created this inking and watercolor style. Working with Art Director Rebecca Ko, I drafted wire frame and layout of the spatial AR mode. Then revised with our watercolor art style by Rebecca.

First round icons design

First round icons design

Overall App Layout (By Rebecca Ko and Desmond)

UI Design by Rebecca Ko and Indiana University studetns

UI Design by Rebecca Ko and Indiana University studetns

Summoning Animation

Summoning Animation


/ AR Mode Users flow

In the AR mode, users have the chance to see Sigglets in 180 degree, interact with it in through fun conversation. Sigglets will reveal conferences stories bit by bit and if they are lucky, it might tell them where is the secret Siggelts hideout.

/ Prototype

Developer working on AR Mode with mock up assets.

wip 2.jpg

/ On Site Documentation and Design theory
The game was so popular during the conference, we decided to release limited marker with limited time frame in special location to increase the difficulty of the hunting experiences. At the end, we list out all markers in one place for people to discover what are all singlets looks like and attendees all gathering to find out who is the one that captured the most.

/ Accomplishments

Unique downloads across iOS & Android

of total attendees

Our AR App featuring on ACM’s blog. Story behind the team.