“What if… we could create the ideal sustainable student dorm life experience?”
In collaboration with Umeå Energi, we are asked to create values, for young customer through
services and system.


Some of the best friendships are made while living together. In dorms, being housemates, or with flat mates. We believe student dorms have so much more to offer than a place to live in. Trädhus is a pilot test dorm aimed to make student living better by making sustainable dorms, integrating community and matching the like-minded dorm mates together.

As by-product Umeå Energi will be able to build a closer relationship with young people and students who aren’t aware of Umeå Energi’s services. Students would leave with a lasting impression and positive brand association to all the participants that helped them have a good experience during their student life.


Service Design, 5 weeks
2019, Umeå Institute of Design


Annie Hall
Leonor Coelho
Jose Galvez
Mehmet Ozyoldash


Service Safari, User Research
Interview, Concept Development




Before we start user interview, we were forming questions.

questions 2.JPG


We interview over 20 people from all over Umeå, range from teachers, exchange students to local residents.


After interviewing over 20 people from all over Umeå, we found out:

  • Young people aren't aware of how much energy they consume

  • They aren't aware of sustainability and they don't know so much about Umeå Energi

  • They don't know they can use Umeå Energi outside of Umeå as option


initial FOCUS areas


We break it down into 3 initial directions- Smoothness, Expansion and Future Vision.
First, improving customers and company relationship through complete service.
Second, being able to access high quality services wherever you are. Last, how to
strengthen sustainability and customer independence.



Since awareness is the main major reason that appear multiple time in our interview; we
decided to focus on visualizing energy consumption and strengthen sustainability mindset.

CONCEPT development

After weeks of crazy brainstorming, we narrow down our ideas into creating
meaningful living life style. Emerging sustainability mindset into everyday life.

Trädhus: a pilot test dorm aimed to make student living better by making sustainable
dorms, integrating community and matching the right dorm mates together.


Trädhus” means tree house in Swedish. The tree is symbolic for many of our values and
sustainable way of living. It is like a shelter build on a foundation of roots creating a wide network.


final Overview

4k posterk posters-01.jpg